Signs of aging on the face, including wrinkles 和 fine lines, can have a significant impact on a person’s self-esteem. 作为一个结果, many people use deeply hydrating moisturizers, 的角质, 和 sunscreen to protect their skin on a daily basis. 不幸的是,在护肤程序中最常被忽略的部位之一是颈部. So, after years of treating just your face, you may find that your neck appears much older in comparison. 如果你不满意你脖子的外观,你可能是一个伟大的候选人颈部提升.

The South Florida Center for 整容手术 是首选的整形手术实践和首选的患者寻求更明确的外观与颈部提升. 冰球突破app有多年的经验进行颈部提升和提供美丽和自然的结果. So, 如果你脖子上松弛的皮肤吸引了人们对你美丽脸蛋的注意力, a neck lift may be right for you.

Typical c和idates for a neck lift have excess fat, 皮肤起皱纹, or loss of elasticity around the neck 和 jaw. 另一个常见的问题是脖子上的肉太多,通常被称为“火鸡脖子”.” 脖子上电梯 surgery can address most age-related issues, like wrinkling 和 creasing to give you a more youthful, 苗条的轮廓. 我们的病人经常惊讶于颈部的恢复如何改善他们的下脸的外观,并给予他们更多的自信. 定制,以满足您的特定需求,有几个组件可供选择.


  • Get a smoother, tighter, 和 more defined neck.
  • Accomplish what diet 和 exercise can not.
  • Return to normal activities within a few days.
  • Minimal 和 easily hidden scarring.
  • Combine other procedures, such as a 整容 or browlift, to enhance your results.

你的颈部提升手术的费用将取决于你的外科医生在手术中使用的不同技术. 在某些情况下,只有 抽脂术 is necessary to remove excess fat, 和 the cost is much lower. 然而, if you have more extensive needs, such as loose muscles 和 horizontal b和ing, 你的外科医生可能需要使用更先进的技术来提升和收紧你的皮肤和肌肉. 我们提供颈部提升手术,起价2999美元,不包括麻醉和外科手术费用.

南佛罗里达整容中心致力于帮助我们的患者找到最方便的支付方式. 我们与三家第三方融资公司合作,根据您的信用评分,提供灵活的支付方案,并立即获得批准. 和, through our network of experienced physicians 和 vendors, 和 our agreements with competitive lenders, 我们有信心找到适合你生活方式的付款方式.



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During your initial consultation, 在彻底评估你的脖子和下巴之前,你的外科医生会听取你的担忧. 你的骨骼结构, 皮肤弹性, 和 the amount of fat in your neck are all important to plan your procedure. 你的外科医生也会向你介绍颈部提升手术的各种选择,并解释为你提供最佳结果的技术.


If your primary concern is excess fat beneath your chin, 也许你只需要抽脂就可以让你的脖子和外表更加迷人. 然而, tightening loose skin 和 muscles requires different techniques. 针对每种情况, 在缝合之前,你的外科医生会切开切口,切除脂肪组织或切除一小部分皮肤. The result is a smoother profile 和 a more youthful appearance.


Following your neck lift, 你的整形医生会建议你穿几天到几周的压缩衣来支持新轮廓的皮肤. 切口会感觉很紧,头24到48小时你的脖子会疼痛. 然而, your doctor will prescribe medication for pain. 在你的恢复, 同样重要的是保持缝合线的清洁,并在缝合线上涂一层抗菌药膏,直到14天后将缝合线拆除.


You should avoid strenuous activities, 酒精, 蒸气浴, 和 saunas for several weeks after surgery. 和, limit exposure to the sun for several months. Bruising may also persist for several weeks. 然而, you can apply makeup to camouflage any discoloration. Once your recovery is over, you will likely appear more rested 和 refreshed, 和 you can expect any scarring to fade gradually over time.

There are different techniques for a neck lift procedure, depending on the patient’s needs 和 concerns. 在会诊期间,你的外科医生会讨论哪种方法最适合你.

In general, most neck lift procedures start with 抽脂术. 你的外科医生会在你的下巴下方做一个小切口,在缝合之前去除多余的脂肪.

If you have loose skin around your neck, your surgeon will make two incisions, one under or behind each ear. 然后, 他们将修剪并切除一小部分皮肤,然后将其提起并缝合.

这种技术需要在下巴以下和每只耳朵后面或下面进行切口. 然而,你的外科医生可以使用抽脂手术的切口来收紧松弛的颈部肌肉. 之前 the incisions are sutured, a section fat muscle is removed, 然后将两端缝合,使它们在颈部的中前方缝合在一起.

你与你的外科医生的初步咨询将帮助你为你的手术做准备,并让你知道在康复过程中会发生什么. Your surgeon will also perform a complete physical examination, 把血液测试, 和 take photos of your treatment area during the consultation. 你可以自由地和你的医生谈论你希望获得的确切外观,以及你对你的手术有任何疑问.

Your operating time will vary, depending on the extent of the procedure. 然而, neck lifts usually take about an hour to complete. Your full surgery will take about 3-4 hours.

全身麻醉用于所有的外科手术,并由专业的M.D. 麻醉师.

是的. Neck lift surgery does not require a major recovery process. 然而,手术结束后有人来接你回家是必要的.

大多数病人在十天内恢复正常的活动和工作安排. 慢跑, 有氧运动, 骑自行车, 和 other non-contact sports are permitted three weeks after the procedure.

Health, not age, determines how long you can wait to have a neck lift. So, healthy patients can receive a neck lift well into their eighties. 然而, 您的年龄和您的皮肤和颈部肌肉的状况可能会影响您的医生推荐的颈部轮廓手术类型.

This depends on the person. 每个人都有不同的衰老速度,所以没有两个人会有相同的经历. 然而,颈部提拉的结果通常会使时间倒退5到10年.

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